Friday, September 30, 2011

Life on FOB Ghazni

I'm sure some of you are wondering what life is really like, day to day, here on FOB Ghazni.  Our FOB is pretty small, but there is plenty to do!  We have our ADT-5 area, located on what we call Broadway, with our own Crossfit gym and MWR for movies or hanging out.  If you get the urge to shop or have a coffee, you can go to "Town", the local national shops located here on the FOB.  Three times a week, the bazaar is open. 

The most popular thing with our ADT-5 Soldiers here is definitely working out.  Our Crossfit gym is well attended, and we have a lot of dedicated runners on our team.  There are three running routes around the FOB: short, middle, and long routes.  In fact, we're looking at trying to have a half-marathon!  In addition, there are volleyball courts, lots of baseball fans, football, and soccer played.  (I hear you don't want to challenge the Polish or Afghans to a soccer game!  Apparently, you're sure to lose!)

During the day, of course, we do have jobs to do...  Check out the pictures below to see what everyday life is like for your Soldier!

This is the wonderful lady you talk to if you need a caffeine pick-me-up!

SPC Elkins shops for a new watch at "Z"'s shop in Town.

SSG Constantine fixes a radio in one of our trucks.

Chief Gilmore, SPC Dominguez, and SPC Elkins laugh about a clumsy moment.

MAJ James checks his email between meetings.

CSM Dula checks on a project while SSG Rosario takes a break.

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